Need-based scholarships for South African students

Due to accumulated debts in school by students who want to be educated but are unable to meet up with the fees there have been increased challenges both during school years and sometimes even after graduation.

For students in South Africa who find themselves in this predicament, a chance to clear these debts before graduation and secure their bright futures with these need-based scholarship opportunities which in most cases are bursaries. As we proceed we’ll talk about the collective Benefits and requirements of the need-based scholarships, also a list of need-based scholarship opportunities for the financially challenged ones and its application link plus deadlines.

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Benefits of Need-Based Scholarships

  • Financial Aid
    Need-based scholarships/bursaries are aimed to support financially challenged students by awarding them with some amount of money.
  • Equity in Award
    Students who have poor backgrounds and can’t afford extra fees like the sports games, excursions, etc do not stand the chance at other scholarship opportunities like the merit-based as they cannot meet up to the events that build up to outstanding education achievements or even those that attend under-resourced schools. The need-based aid, therefore, is said to promote equity in educational opportunities.
  • Positive Student Performance and Improvement on Student Circumstances
    For students who have accumulated debts in their schools to meet up to demands of their fees do not always stand out academically as they in most cases have to take up part-time jobs to meet up demands thereby creating great division in the attention and focus of the said student thus its effects are often low performances in school but these need-based aids help as their support goes a great deal in restoring student’s undivided attention and boost in performance.
  • Maintained and Ensuring Job Security
    Some students even after graduation face the challenge of unemployment as some institutes withhold their academic records thereby not allowing them to create worthy resumes and CVs. Through these aids of need-based scholarships these debts are taken care of Students then stand the chance of boosting their resumes and filling their CVs to their full potential.

    Requirements of Need-Based Scholarships/Bursaries

    The requirements for the need-based scholarships can be said to be similar thus they’ll be listed collectively,

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  • Must be a national of any country in Africa or have refugee status
  • Must have completed their undergraduate studies to a certain level depending on the benefactor’s system.
  • MA or Ph.D. programs are most likely to not be considered
  • Must have missed 1 graduation or didn’t receive their degree due to outstanding debt.
  • Outstanding debt not exceeding a particular stated amount. (An up-to-date fee statement must accompany the application).
  • Must show academic merit.
  • Must show financial need.

List of Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Canon Collins Thekgo Bursary 2023

    Link to page:
    closing date: 26th April 2023


  1. Mandela Rhodes Scholarship Foundation 2023

    Application link:

Closing date: 21st April 2023

  1. Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship

    Application deadline: 28th April 2023

Application link:

  1. Milliman Opportunity Scholarship

    Application deadline: 28th April 2023

Application link:


  1. Goethe Talents Scholarships

    Application link:

Application deadline: 3rd April 2023


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