Houston Maritime Attorney


Houston maritime injury attorneys play a crucial role in aiding seamen and dock workers who have sustained injuries, ensuring they receive the necessary compensation to facilitate their recovery and manage the substantial long-term medical expenses resulting from incidents that transpired offshore. This encompasses accidents transpiring on what’s defined as “navigable waters,” encompassing rivers and oceans, as well as incidents unfolding within harbors or docks.

A maritime injury attorney will be focused on these complexities of maritime and personal injury law, which can benefit your case and help protect the rights of maritime workers and their families.

Count on a Houston maritime attorney to guide you through your legal choices and assist in charting the best path forward.


If you’ve been injured in a Houston maritime accident, whether in the Gulf, at the Port of Houston, Bayport Terminal or while dockside, you may be entitled to the following damages:

1. Medical Expenses: Covering the costs of your medical treatments and care.

2. Earning Capacity Loss: Addressing the impact on your ability to earn a living due to the accident.

3. Physical Discomfort: Recognizing the pain endured as a result of the incident.

4. Emotional Turmoil: Acknowledging the mental distress and anguish caused.

5. Physical Constraints: Accounting for any limitations the accident imposes on your physical capabilities.

6. disfigurement: Considering compensation for any disfigurement resulting from the accident.


Benefits of a Maritime injury attorney

1. Specialized Status Insight:

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Different federal programs or laws might apply to your case depending on factors like how many hours you work at sea, or how many miles from shore.

2. Accurate Damage Assessment:

Injuries that result from maritime accidents are often severe and may be life-changing. A maritime lawyer can help you estimate the full amount of your losses.

3. Causation Clarity:

Maritime law uses its own standards of fault, causation, and liability. Choosing the right path and place to file a lawsuit can drastically change the outcome of your case.

4. Negligence Knowledge:

If a ship owner was negligent or sent a vessel that is not seaworthy into service, maritime workers may be protected by the Jones Act, and an experienced maritime attorney can help make this determination.

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5. Courtroom Advocacy:

Maritime cases may go to court, and having the experience necessary to argue your case in maritime court is an essential reason to hire a lawyer with maritime experience.

6. Resource Network Access:

To win your case you may need the experienced team of a
maritime-focused law firm. They can provide expert witnesses, help gather evidence, and take depositions from witnesses or coworkers.


A Houston maritime attorney serves as your beacon of guidance. From Gulf accidents to port incidents, they’re equipped to secure compensation for medical costs, pain, limitations, and more. When maritime challenges arise, entrust your course to these legal experts and sail toward rightful resolutions.


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