Make $100 Per Day While Working at Home

Generating an additional $100 per day can be approached through various methods, and let’s face it—extra income is always a welcome prospect.

If your monthly budget is strained by mortgage payments, supporting dependents, student loans, or other financial obligations, you might be in need of a resourceful solution to supplement your income promptly.

The suggestions provided below encompass a range of ideas that can swiftly boost your financial situation, while others may necessitate a bit more time to fully materialize. Nonetheless, there’s a likelihood that at least one of these strategies will align with your preferences.

5 Effortless Approaches to Attain a Daily Income of $100

Discover how you can attain the objective of earning $100 each day:

1. Monetize Your Insights through Survey Platforms

Numerous online platforms eagerly seek your opinions on various products and services, offering compensation for your participation in paid surveys, product testing, or video evaluation.

Platforms like Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and LifePoints provide opportunities to transform your leisure time, such as Netflix sessions, into a source of tangible income.

Branded Surveys

Engage with Branded Surveys to earn rewards effortlessly by completing online surveys and simple tasks like polls. Redeem your accumulated points for cash via PayPal!

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As one of the largest platforms in the industry, Swagbucks provides a multitude of daily paid survey opportunities. Additionally, upon registering with Swagbucks, you receive a complimentary $20 credit or gift card as a welcome bonus!

Survey Junkie

With a longstanding presence in the survey platform realm and boasting over 3 million users, Survey Junkie pays out substantial amounts, reaching up to $40,000 daily. Earn an average of $3-$10 per hour or more by selecting and completing surveys that align with your preferences on Survey Junkie!

2. Unlock Sign-Up Bonuses and Earn Cash Back Rewards

Boost your monthly income by enrolling in these budget-friendly cash back programs. Seize the opportunity to earn tangible rewards today with these sign-up bonuses:

Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Receive a $30 bonus upon joining Rakuten, where their browser extension rewards you with cash back for your online purchases.


Introducing MyPoints, featuring a $10 welcome bonus. This is your ultimate daily rewards platform, operating much like Rakuten.

3. Engage in Delivery Services

Embark on one of the most straightforward paths to earn $100 daily (and potentially more) by taking on roles with delivery apps. Leverage the demand for convenient deliveries of packages and food to people’s homes, and get paid for your services. Seize this opportunity!

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With just a valid driver’s license, a car, and auto insurance, you can earn an average of $12, $15, or even $25 per hour in certain markets. Your earnings will include a base rate along with tips.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Earnings as a Delivery Driver:

1. Be available during peak hours when demand and payouts are at their highest.
2. Optimize your time by stacking delivery orders when possible. Use downtime during a 30-minute wait to complete another nearby order.
3. Prioritize friendliness and courtesy, as many drivers receive a significant portion of their income through tips.

Explore the Top Four Delivery Services:
1. Uber Eats
2. DoorDash
3. Instacart
4. Grubhub

4. Drive with Uber or Lyft

As an independent contractor for Uber or Lyft, you have the flexibility to establish your own schedule and determine the extent of your daily work—provided there is demand in your vicinity for rides.

However, the drawback lies in the additional wear and tear on your personal vehicle, potentially jeopardizing your weekly earnings with unexpected repair costs.

HyreCar presents a solution. Functioning as a peer-to-peer platform, it allows you to rent a car specifically for use with Uber or Lyft. Alternatively, you can capitalize on the opportunity to rent out your own vehicle and earn supplemental income.

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Pro Tip: If you are already driving for Uber or Lyft, consider signing up for other delivery app jobs. This strategy ensures that during periods of low transportation demand, you can still engage in delivering food, groceries, or packages to people.

5. Freelance Opportunities on Fiverr

Embark on a clear path to earning income by becoming a part of the gig economy as a freelancer. The landscape is continuously expanding, especially with the transformative effects of the pandemic on office dynamics for many businesses.

Various gigs present themselves, catering to different skill levels. Some roles, suitable for college students, have minimal entry requirements, while others, like consulting, demand extensive experience and education.

Initiating your journey with a low-entry-barrier gig or online business is seamless, allowing you to start earning additional income within the hour.

Fiverr offers a user-friendly platform for immediate entry into the freelance world. Steady job boards constantly update with opportunities that genuinely require workers, facilitating a swift start to your freelancing journey.