Canada Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

What is Canada Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

Nothing can be as encouraging as seeing that the process of making progress one doe’s yields maximum success and your results are evident. This becomes very important when you desire to have and live a better life in a different country where the living standard and life expectancy are seemingly better compared to what you have experienced in your country of origin.

You desire success but moving forward in this path requires that you have a top–notched education experience and qualifications. Thus, a good education is needed to meet up the needs of your desired country of immigration. It’s however vital to improving one’s education. To find out how well your qualifications equate to their Canadian counterparts you need an Education Credential Assessment (ECA). Canada’s boost of a high standard of education, therefore, the need for ECA. An Education Credential Assessment increases your chance of getting an invitation to the Express Entry or Federal Skilled Worker programs as it increases your points. The ECA is only necessary so long as your educational achievements are outside of Canada. Anyone who graduated from any Canadian school (whatever level) is not required to engage or submit an Education Credential Assessment. An Education Credential Assessment is the standard required by employers, higher institutions, or colleges to evaluate your educational standard and its value compared to that of what is required in Canada for employment purposes or further education.

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Which Credentials do you need an ECA for?

Usually, you only need an ECA for your highest level of education. If for example, you have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a Ph.D. you only need an assessment for your Ph.D. certificate. To get points you should access all your certificates as the highest may not be approved and the lowest approved and you rated from the lowest instead of discarding all.

List of designated ECA offices

Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Designated: April 17, 2013

International Credential Assessment Service of Canada

Designated: April 17, 2013

World Education Services

Designated: April 17, 2013

International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)


Designated: August 6, 2015

International Credential Evaluation Service

Designated: August 6, 2015

NOTE: The processing time and cost vary with each professional body and organization, also procedures on how to submit your documents to get them assessed are also dependent on the professional body and organization.

World Education Services (WES)

The world Education Services popularly known as WES is one of the most preferred organizations for ECA services around the world. World Education Services (WES) is a globally-recognized social enterprise dedicated to helping internationally-educated people find meaningful roles in U.S. and Canadian communities and academic institutions through rigorous credential evaluations, immigrant integration and refugee advocacy, and mission-driven philanthropy. Since 1974, WES has provided credential evaluations to nearly three million individuals from more than 200 countries.

WES Document Requirements

Academic Transcript: How to send this;

Option 1: Ask the institution you attended to send your document directly to WES in a sealed envelope that is signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate official at the institution.

Option 2: Should the institution choose to give you the document to send to WES, it must be in a sealed envelope. If the envelope is opened or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, WES cannot accept the document.

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Note: The academic transcript must accurately list your name, date of birth, and matriculation number.

2. Degree Certificate (P/C): You must send a clear, legible photocopy of the degree certificate issued by the institution that awarded your degree.

Note: You can upload a clear and legible copy of this document in the My Account section.

3. Doctoral Degree Confirmation: If you completed a doctoral degree, a written statement from the awarding institution indicating the date your degree was conferred and your major is also required. All other instructions as stated in the column for academic transcript.

How to Send Your Documents to WES

1. Include your reference number

2. Don’t send the original document

3. Ask About Sending Digital Documents. For more information on how to choose a professional body to assess your credentials based on your occupation visit the link here:  

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