BU Study Abroad Program

Introduction to BU Study Abroad:

Are you dreaming of an international academic adventure that will broaden your horizons and create lasting memories? Look no further than Boston University (BU) Study Abroad! With over 80 programs in 25+ cities across 20+ countries, BU offers a world-class study-abroad experience that combines academic excellence with cultural immersion. Whether you’re seeking an enriching semester abroad or a transformative internship opportunity, BU Study Abroad has something for everyone.

Eligibility and Admissions:

BU Study Abroad welcomes applications from students who have completed at least one semester of university study while enrolled in a degree program. To be considered, students must be in good academic and judicial standing. Each application undergoes a thorough review process, taking into account various criteria such as academic record, course preparation, application questionnaire, academic recommendation(s), and relevant work experience (for internship programs).

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Program Considerations:

While evaluating applications, BU Study Abroad gives priority to juniors or seniors in certain programs or specific majors on a rolling basis. However, this does not exclude other applicants, as they may be placed on hold. It’s important to review the program page for your area of interest to understand any special considerations or requirements.

Planning for Study Abroad:

At BU, we encourage students to start planning for their study abroad experience as early as their first year. Collaborating with both academic advisors and study abroad advisors is key to defining objectives and identifying the most suitable programs that align with individual needs, interests, and goals. These ongoing discussions ensure a seamless integration of the study abroad experience into the academic journey.

Choosing the Perfect Program:

BU Study Abroad offers an extensive range of destinations and programs, providing students with ample opportunities to immerse themselves in different cultures and academic environments. Whether you’re captivated by the historic charm of Europe, the vibrant energy of Asia, or the diverse landscapes of Australia, BU has a program to suit your interests. Take the time to research and consider factors such as cultural immersion, language proficiency, and academic offerings to find the ideal program for your goals.

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Preparing for Life Abroad:

Studying abroad is more than just academics; it’s a chance to grow personally and adapt to new surroundings. BU Study Abroad offers comprehensive support to help students navigate the logistics of living in a foreign country. From assistance with housing options and securing accommodation to providing resources on transportation, health, and safety, BU ensures that students feel supported and comfortable throughout their time abroad.

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Maximizing the Experience:

To truly make the most of your study abroad journey, embrace all aspects of the experience. Engage actively in your classes, interact with local communities, and take advantage of cultural events and opportunities for personal growth. Travel and exploration are also integral parts of the study abroad experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in new landscapes, languages, and cultures. Reflecting on your experiences and documenting them in a journal or blog can further enhance your personal and professional growth.


Immerse yourself in global education with BU Study Abroad. Explore over 80 programs in 25+ cities across 20+ countries and expand your horizons. Start your journey today at BU Study Abroad and become a global citizen with BU Study Abroad.

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